Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why Living In Akron Is Cool -Last Two Days for Stonz Booties Giveaway!

We could hear the gentle, but unmistakable whirring sound before we stepped out of our front door.  We had spotted it earlier while we were in the parking lot at Starbucks.  But this was much cooler...

Where else in the world can you live and get to see this on a random Thursday?  Where you don't have to be at an NFL game or some other major sporting event?  Akron, Ohio, baby!

I grabbed Joey in one arm, the camera in the other and yelled for Tommy to run outside, but he had already beat us there.

Found this-- had to hang it in our kitchen.  Hope the boys will follow as best as possible.

Last 2 Days for the Stonz Booties Giveaway!!

Every reader who leaves a comment on the blog from today through February 10 will be entered into a random drawing.  Every comment counts as one entry.  The winner will receive a pair of Stonz Booties, which Stonz Booties has graciously donated!  

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  1. Every once in a while we get a little MetLife blimp that flies around town here- kids are always super excited! :)


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