Monday, March 21, 2011

To blog or not to blog…

Well, I’m not really a Cowgirl—only in my mind.  I was born in Western Nebraska, so I do possess what I think qualifies as a Cowgirl approach to life.  You know—when the going gets tough, you stand up, dust off your jeans, straighten your hat and get back on your horse. 

I love reading.  I also love writing.  As a kid I wanted to be a news reporter.   In grade school we had to write to a celebrity for English class.  I chose Diane Sawyer… and she wrote back!  Instead of journalism I went the Law School route.  But here we are again.  The siren song of the blogosphere and the possibility of having a voice, an influence and an audience—it is just too great to ignore.

In February 2010 we found out via a CVS testing for complications in the pregnancy that our second son, Joseph, had Down syndrome.  During this past year I have turned to the internet and other mom’s blogs daily for information, inspiration and hope.

In turn, I hope I can provide a place for other people to turn to for more information on Down syndrome, open heart surgery/congenital heart defects, nystagmus, aspirating, plagiocephaly, torticolis and many of the other challenges that sometimes come along with having Down syndrome.

I also hope I can provide a place to be an advocate for Down syndrome, a place to provide education and to dispel myths.  Cowgirl Up! is a forum to celebrate Joey and all of his accomplishments and his miraculous life.

In all fairness, we can’t leave out his adorable, big brother, Tommy, so he will also be featured.

Finally, since having a son who happens to have Down syndrome isn’t the only thing going on in our lives or in the world, I also want to provide helpful hints, favorite things I find and last but not least—Reviews!!  Book reviews, movie reviews, magazine reviews and more. 

I hope you enjoy and either learn something new or pick up some helpful information, or even better—notice someone else who might be a little different than you and give that person a chance.

Okay—time to just pull the trigger and Cowgirl Up!


  1. YEA!! So glad to read Cowgirl up! You are an inspiration to so many, myself included. I LOVE the blog. Well done! xoxo, Kelly

  2. Congrats Jen! You are such a great writer- why did I not know that about you? Look foward to reading about what is going on with your family!

  3. Great Blog very beautiful children too very insightful , you inspire me to start a blog about my son Bear Bear :)

  4. Your son's are so handsome very great blog very inspiring your family is beautiful , I love the way you write you make me think of starting a blog about my son Bear Bear who has CP...


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