Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Joey RSV Update

Hi there! 

Just a quick update on Big Joe.  He seems to be doing remarkably well with both his helmet and RSV!  It’s incredible.  Monday and Tuesday nights were the worst nights so far, but isn’t nighttime the worst for everyone when you are sick?  Last night I held him as he cried for about an hour and then finally fell asleep.

He seems to be handling his hacking cough really well and despite his insulated helmet, he still has not developed a fever.  His breathing rate seems to have finally calmed down a little and it doesn’t seem like he’s working as hard to breathe anymore.  Whew—that’s the sound of me letting out a huge sigh of relief.

Fingers crossed and praying that he continues to get better and does not take a turn for the worse as the doctor warned us would likely happen. 

To distract him from the unfortunate events of this week, Thomas Henry and I decided it was time for Joey to try his new helmet out for real and we put him in his U.S. Navy football jersey.  Thank you Captain Jim and Diane for the awesome Navy jersey you sent to Joey.  Little did we know when you sent it to us after he was born how truly appropriate it would be.  Now we have the helmet to complete the look.

Tommy stole Joey's helmet to see if it fit.

Trying so hard to squeeze it on!!!

Mom-- when are you going to learn how to focus your new camera?

Ignore the rosy cheeks and runny nose, but enjoy:
 #4, Joseph David, weighing in at an impressive 19 lbs 2 oz (as of yesterday’s doctor appointment), awesome baby thighs, and a look on his face that can best be expressed as “Mom—really?”. 

Also—don’t forget to leave a comment to be drawn for the Starbuck’s Card contest!  There is still time!

Clearly Joey is still eating plenty of food.

Hey Bro-- how are you feeling?

Pre-game stretches.  Am so proud that he has started grabbing his toes-a big milestone!


  1. Joey is sooooo cute- love the legs as well as the football look! It's workin' for him! :) So glad he is starting to feel a little better.

  2. Thank you, Amy!!! Aren't his thighs crazy? So squeezable and delicious!!

  3. Look at those thighs!! I want to take a big bite!! 19 lbs?! Yowza! What are you feeding that boy?! Love it! So happy he's feeling better!

  4. Both boys are so edible! Glad Joey's warrior spirit lives on! Take a bite out of thighs for me tonight. Kisses to all the boys from us.

  5. Awesome! Glad he is feeling better!!!

  6. Joey loves his groceries like his cousin Coen. Coen saw Joey and told me he was jealous of his helmet.... but it looks as though those thighs might be in our DNA ;)

  7. Glad to hear Joey is feeling better and looking like he is ready to quarterback Navy's 2030 football team! Cap'n Jim & Diane


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