Thursday, March 31, 2011

Contest Winners

Quick update—RSV is still causing a raging horrible cough that for awhile made Joey cry every time he coughed.  Then that stopped.  Now the raging cough with crying is back.  His little eyes are so glassy and his super blonde eyebrows are all red.  Other than that, we are still at home and no crazy midnight trips to the ER.  Knock. On. Wood.  Thanks for the prayers—I think they are working!!!  Also-- he has officially graduated to wearing his rocking helmet 23 hours a day.  I have yet to "decorate" it.  Such a big commitment.  I need to make a decision soon!

Back to the Contest.

Since I’ve never held a drawing before I enlisted Tommy’s help in the process.  We basically took all the toys out of the toy bucket in my bedroom, dumped them on the floor, put the numbered penguins and 2 additional toys (the ball was #7 and the elephant was number #8) back into the red bucket and Tommy pulled out our first winner.

Our stand-ins to correlate to the comments.  Each comment was assigned a number.

Throwing all the toys in the bucket as Joey looks on.

Adding elephant (yes, Aunt Siobhain-- Tommy still plays with it!!!--Thank you!) to the mix.

Yes, it says winners.  When it came time to draw the numbers corresponding to the order of comments I couldn’t have just one winner.  We were having too much fun drawing, so we went with the first penguin drawn……drum roll, please……..and Kari (ie: Penguin #2) is our First Place Contest Winner!!!!

He reaches in for the first pick.....

Who is it???

Number #2!!!  Our first winner!

Kari—please email your mailing address to and I will put your awesome Starbucks (RED) $20 card in the mail tomorrow! 

This was a lively scene right after bathtime for both boys and right before bedtime.  I’m pretty sure it is what riled them both up and caused much later than normal bedtimes. 

Tommy was not content to stop at just pulling one toy out—we had to pull all the toys out!  That’s when we decided that we needed a Second Place Contest Winner as well.  So, as we got closer and closer to the bottom of the bucket I decided that whichever number was pulled out last would also be a winner.

Diving headfirst into the task at hand.

Penguin #1 (which correlated to comment #2-- make sense?) wins second place!!!

Team Lando…… you are our Second Place Winner!  Please send your email address to and I will email you a $10 Starbucks e-card since I have no idea when I’ll get to Starbucks and I already purchased the first place card.

Thanks again to everyone for your comments and for taking place in our first contest!  For many of you coffee is a lifeline like it is to me.  For some of you it's even concealer (no joke!  Read the comments!).  

I almost didn’t go out on a second date with my husband because he doesn’t drink coffee.  Dealbreaker?   Showstopper?  It almost was!  I grew up watching my dad make coffee every morning for my mom.  When we go on vacation he always makes sure to locate the first hot cup of coffee and bring it to my mom.  To me it was the absolute sign of true love.  So, Tom and I went on a very casual (ie: I was kind of dating someone else, but it was almost over anyways) meeting/date at Starbucks.  I ordered a grande.  He ordered hot tea.  I said, “Don’t you drink coffee?”  He said, “Nope.  I drink Coke.”   Screeching tires coming to a stop in my mind.  WHAT?  This guy doesn’t drink coffee?  This is never going to work.  How would we read the morning paper over cups of steaming java?  

This was until I told my mom about it and as only a mom can do, she told me I was being “shallow”.  Ouch.  It mostly hurt because she was totally right. 

Eight years later he still only drinks Coke and it’s all good.  

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  1. Yay!! I can't believe I won, such an honor!!! I have Tommy to thank for this win, great pick!


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