Friday, April 1, 2011

Tommy’s Nursery by Grandma Evie

Today I’m featuring the beautiful work my mom, Evie, put into Thomas Henry’s nursery.  She put hours into making drapes, a bed skirt, a beautiful quilt and more.  All to make my firstborn’s nursery my dream come true.  She is an amazing sewer.  From the time we were little kids she would sew us Halloween costumes (You want to be a Koala bear?  No problem!), Christmas dresses, Easter outfits and everything in between.  More recently she has started making beautiful and intricate Santa pillows at Christmastime.  To receive a Santa pillow is a special gift.  Actually, to receive anything that is hand-crafted is such a priceless gift.  Thank you, Mom!  Hint. Hint…

Grandma Evie holding baby Joey on his birth date.

I wish I could sew.  I wish I didn’t have to pay to get my pants hemmed or dresses shortened (part of only being 5 foot 4).  I wish I could envision some drapes or a pillow and just whip it up.  I have a sewing machine.  It has been used once.  My mom used it.  Learning to sew is very high on my to-do list.  Make my children’s Halloween costumes.  Make my family Christmas stockings that aren’t from the Pottery Barn catalogue.  My mom made Christmas stockings out of my Grandfather’s old denim coveralls.  They are amazing.  Pieces of art.  One of these days…

My parent's fireplace at Christmas.  LOVE these denim Christmas stockings. Made from Grandpa's old denim coveralls and jeans.

In the meantime, when I started the blog I said it would be about life with an extra chromosome, two precious kids and everything in between.  Time to get to some of the in between stuff.  

Tommy is our oldest son.  He is 2 ½ and has a killer head of super dark brown hair.  He has an easy laugh and a great sense of humor.  His pregnancy came with quite a bit of drama (not as much as Joey’s, but more than enough), but that is a story for another day.  I will say he made his entrance into this world ten days after his due date.  He still does things in his own time. 

Thomas Henry’s Room

It’s painted a soft shade of gray (which, by the way, is one of the hardest colors to choose because of the insane amounts of variations in shades and undertones).  On the floor are two funky, fun “Red Shaggy Raggy Rugs” pushed together from   The furniture is Munire and I bought it because the crib converts to a full size bed and I thought the dressers looked like they would last up until he left home.  I bought them all at a wonderful store in Willoughby Hills called Berg’s Baby and Teens.  It’s a family owned store and they are incredibly helpful and nice (  Plus—for only $100 they will deliver and assemble all of the baby furniture.  Having put together a changing table by myself I cannot express enough how much of a good deal that is!

Tommy's room.

Another view of his room.

His drapes and quilt were made by my mom.  She spent an entire weekend working on these day and night.  I was there for moral support and for ironing the fabric, but she was the genius behind the final product.  I loved the Toile fabric that was both playful and kind of funky all at once.

Above Tommy’s crib is his big piece of artwork.  Mr. Lion.  He reads “May you live inspired in search of your muse” and he was also a Rosenberry Rooms purchase.  He reminded me of Aslan in The Chronicles of Narnia… watching over and protecting Thomas Henry while he sleeps.

His tile is by Sid Dickens.  I love all of Sid Dickens’ tiles.  They make amazing gifts and are very fun to collect (  Joey doesn’t have a Sid Dicken’s tile, yet, but I think his may be some kind of warrior or heart (for his congenital heart defects).

Most of the items on his shelves are wonderful gifts he has received from friends and family.  Banks, stuffed animals, a prayer cross-stitched by Grandma Ann.  I’m always amazed at how kind and generous people are when a new baby is born.  Such a celebration. Tommy’s room has so many happy memories in it.

I can’t believe he will be three this September.  At some point he’s going to want me to make his room more like a big boy’s room, but for now, I’ll enjoy the innocence and beauty in our first nursery.  Thanks for helping make the dream room come true, Mom!

G-pa Dave, Grandma Evie and Aunt Laura when Thomas Henry was born.

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  1. I purchased my baby furniture 16 years ago (how does time fly so quickly?) from Berg's too! I LOVED that store! My mom was a great seamstress, and I am grateful every day that she taught me much of what she knew.


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