Sunday, April 10, 2011

Going to a Tea Party: Pearls and Pumps -- Not Politics

I take my Tea Parties seriously.  Really seriously.  A light, but scrumptious scone and a steaming hot cup of tea are well, hate to sound cliché, but are my cup of tea!

This Tea Party is particularly special.  It’s the Junior League of Akron Tea Party and I can’t wait.   Last year I chaired this tea party and the year before I was the co-chair.  This year I get to be a guest.

It’s a celebration of 85 years of Junior League in Akron, which is all about empowering women.  The women on the committee have worked so very hard at making this awesome event happen and I can’t wait to join in the fun.

In only a couple of weeks is another fabulous Junior League event, A Taste of the Tour.  I have the good fortune to be chairing that with two other incredible Junior Leaguers.  More details on that fun event to come.  In the meantime, today is all about Tea Time:

Purse shaped like a teapot—Check.  (Thank you, Mom!  LOVE this purse).

Ridiculously high sapphire blue pumps—Check.

Floral day dress with pockets—yes, pockets! –Check.

Not one, but two matching hat options—Check.

Time to go drink some tea and mingle.  Last year I hosted an entire table and invited friends and family.  This year I am just grateful to be attending.  Every year is different and that is okay.  This time last year I didn’t think my baby boy stood a chance at survival.  This year I’m putting on my highest heels and I’m going to go celebrate an amazing year, have a fun afternoon and indulge in a mimosa….or two.


PS-- Some gratuitous photos of Hershey-- the amazing Havanese wonder dog who is litter box trained.  Such an awesome dog.  I feel so bad-- he does not get nearly the amount of love and appreciation I owe him. 

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  1. So fun! You will have to share pics of what hat got to go to the event :)


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