Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sometimes you just have to make cupcakes.

A Junior League committee meeting for A Taste of the Tour was good enough reason for me!  That and the fact that one of our new members had a birthday and I was ready to put my apron on.

In addition to baking cupcakes, I also have a little video of my two cupcakes.  One of which seems to be doing a lot better...which means I should start packing for our trip.  Just found out where the urgent care is in Hilton Head, so that is very helpful and puts my mind at ease!

Back to the cupcakes (also-- if Brian from Crossfit Akron happens to read this, I only ate one cupcake at the meeting and I have witnesses...).

I found this awesome baking thingamajig at HomeGoods (a store that I hold close to my heart) and it basically makes regular cupcakes way cooler.

So I made up some delicious vanilla flavored cupcakes (I buy all my vanilla and spices at Penzey''s awesome!). 

Added some fun sugar colored sprinkles.

Stuck in the sweet little toothpick thingamajigs.

And there you go!  Happy baking!


  1. Jennifer, you are making me hungry! Yum, yum!

  2. Mmmmmm, I had the honor of tasting the cupcakes and they were AMAZING! Thank you Jen!

  3. looks delish. silly fact - the decorations you used i believe came from kate middeltons family business.


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