Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun Fine Motor Skills - Last Week For Stonz Booties Giveaway

Our Occupational Therapist from Help Me Grow had some wonderful and creative ideas for developing fine motor skills.  

This one involved putting food into mini muffin tins so that Joey has to use his "pincer" grip to grab the food out.  We used bananas, but cheerios or really any food about the size of a dime or a penny would work.

I will say-- it helped when one of us held the muffin tin down so that Joey couldn't dump the whole thing out, which was wonderful problem solving, but we are trying to work on Fine Motor skills.  

This is the last week for the Stonz Booties Giveaway!!

Every reader who leaves a comment on the blog from today through February 10 will be entered into a random drawing.  Every comment counts as one entry.  The winner will receive a pair of Stonz Booties, which Stonz Booties has graciously donated!  

Happy Monday!

Booties - Crocodile Brown


  1. lol the last photo. Funny little guy!

  2. Evan's OT had us do this too- and yes, all Evan wanted to do was dump it but once he learned that mama wasn't relenting, he did fine getting his cheerios out. :)

  3. I love his thinking...You want me to get the food out of the tin??? I'll show you! I am surprised Tommy didn't help him...because that's just what big brothers do!

  4. Reminds me of what Miss K does when we put her food in a bowl or on a small plate (all plastic!). It's almost immediate that she turns the thing upside down and then eats. LOL

  5. I know you were working on fine motor but I loved the last one :-)

  6. Hilarious pictures! Love the sequence. Tell Joey that his friend Luke has the "dump the tray" trick down too.... :)

  7. Oh, and by the way, LOVE THE "make over" of the website. Well done friend.

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