Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa's Brother

There's not much I can write about our local Down syndrome Christmas party we attended this weekend other than it was simply fantastic.

Joey charmed ladies from the moment he arrived.

Tommy has started to come to a peace agreement with Santa.

Joey met some friends who are a little older than him.

Joey and Santa had quality time while Joey studied Santa's beard, played with the bells on his Christmas stick and enjoyed each other's company.

I learned about Santa's brother, David.  David, like Joey, also had a congenital heart defect and Down syndrome.  However, back when David was a young boy heart surgery was not even an option. Santa's brother David passed away when he was 16.  Santa had a soft spot in his heart for our little Joseph David and we were reminded again of how far medical care has progressed in just a couple of decades.  

Thank you for making this day so magical for our precious boys, Santa.  This post is dedicated to your brother, David.


  1. Loved this, thanks Jen. The last sentence made me tear up. Hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas. Kids just make it so amazing don't they! To think.. it's just getting started!

  2. Beautiful! I, too, teared up and am covered in goosebumps! I thank God every day for medical advancements. We are so incredibly lucky!


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