Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 for 21 - Day 14 - Four Point

Four point.  It's our current goal in addition to practicing pushing buttons (play cell phones, etc.) and picking up pegs (more toy therapy).  To get into four point we need to get some knee action, which Mr. Joseph David is quite resistant to.  Four point is what will eventually lead to crawling.  I'm not sure what Tommy will do when his little brother becomes truly mobile (he can currently roll quite a few places). 

In the meantime we try to play, play, play on our tummy and work that upper body while enticing him with things like bottles (he's quite food motivated), cell phones and remote controls.  Do you remember the age where you kids could not get enough of the remote control?

It's late, but here are some photos of his hard work.  Love you, Joey!

Tomorrow I will announce this week's winner of the book and Starbucks Card!  


  1. Oh ! He is so cute, doing his airplane and all!!
    Yes, I do remember the magnetic attraction for the remote!

  2. He is a cutie! And there is something about electronics that scream, "Come and get me, Mommy doesn't want you to play with me!" Miss K loves iPads, cell phones, and remote controls.

  3. I love his football butt! He is so cute!

    If you combined he and Ellie, they could 4 point. She gets the legs under, then her whole upper body just drops and she puts her head down and sobs.

  4. I remember those days well. He is adorable with the little football on his bum! The remote was a motivator for Lucas as well. We used a crawling track to help Lucas get the hang of moving forward. I think it really helped but I really have no way of knowing ;)


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