Sunday, August 7, 2011

Visiting With Grammy, G-Pa & Cousins

Off we went...

Last weekend, just me and the two boys on our own for our first adventure post heart surgery through torrential rains in Columbus and over the woods to Grammy's house we went!

We had not been home since Christmas 2010 because of everything going on and what a treat to get to see everyone.

Grammy and G-Pa had purchased a new crib for Joey and a new bed for Tommy.  Unfortunately, Tommy used his new bed as a vault into my bed and the two of us shared digs for the first time ever with his cute little bottom propped right up against my head for two nights.  I secretly loved it though.  We have always been so strict about the kids sleeping in their own beds that to get to stay up late and watch cartoons and then be bunkmates was a treat.

The kids' table.

Hanging out with Grammy at Mallory's Piano Recital.

Tommy, G-Pa & Carly.  Grammy & Joey in the background.  Mallory was awesome!

The Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Joey and I were up most of the night before, so he slept through the discovery center.

The water tables were a big hit with Thomas Henry.

Flying the spaceship.

Putting in his pizza order.

Lots of cool trucks and animals for TH and G-Pa to enjoy.

My personal favorite-- the recycling truck!

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