Thursday, August 25, 2011

If Dorothy Were A Stripper. . .

She would probably wear these shoes.  There is so much to say this week, but so little time.  Last Saturday was the Buddy Walk and then Sunday I was off to Nashville for work where it was one of those 24/7 trips up until I finally got home at about 1:00 am on Tuesday night.

In the meantime, Joey's 1st birthday is racing towards us-- it is this Saturday!  How did one year possibly go so fast?  Will I ever get everything on my endless to do list accomplished before his party on Saturday afternoon?  What have I forgotten?

I have some major thematic issues.  I've never met a theme I didn't completely immerse myself in.  It's got to be some kind of obsessive trait.  There was some movie my mom and I saw and the woman in the movie said that less is not more.  More is more.  Yikes.....  Joey's 1st Birthday party-- more is definitely more.

I thought it might be fun to find some "ruby slippers" to slip on during the party.  This is what happens when you stay up way too late and start shopping on  There are oodles and I mean oodles of Wizard of Oz options out there.  My head started spinning, I probably shouldn't have had that second glass of wine at dinner, because only a few short days later, these beauties showed up at my door.

Somewhere there is a lonely pole waiting for its dancer to show up, but she can't find her shoes. There's no place like home.  There's no place like home.

What is possibly even more disturbing is that the shoes and the Dorothy Bobble Head are truly only the tip of the iceberg.  

There are some other very important birthdays this week.  Joey's Grandpa's birthday is today.  His Aunt Lu Lu's birthday was on Monday.  His cousin Mary and his Grandma's birthday are both tomorrow.

Finally, to end this quickie post--I promised I'd have photos of the 3,000 hot dogs and at last-- here they are.  

First, here is the Sugardale plant we drove to in Canton to pick them up.

And now, drum roll, please..........

3,000 hot dogs.  Not nearly as much as I expected.  I thought we'd have hot dogs up to our ears. I had to open a box and count for myself.  Yep-- 30 boxes.  Each box had 100 hot dogs in it.

The birthday countdown continues...I need to go perfect my adult signature beverage for the party-- The Wicked Witch. 

Sweet Dreams!

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  1. 3,000 hot dogs!

    I love that cake. Yum!

    Those shoes are a hoot!

    I cannot wait to see Messy Mouth Birthday-Boy Joey pics :)


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