Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Progress Report - Two Weeks Post-Op!

Many blogs feature "Wordless Wednesday".  It's usually a day where bloggers take the day off from writing and instead post some pictures that do all the talking.  This is as close as I can get to a "Wordless Wednesday".  When it comes to writing, trying to keep it short is not my talent.  

Channeling his inner Elton John-- Rocket Man style. 

Two weeks ago we were debating whether or not to stand all not at Joey's bedside in the PICU.  There isn't an actual spot to sleep in there and I'm pretty sure it is made intentionally uncomfortable so that parents don't try to sleep standing up.  For the second time that day, we had to tear ourselves away from him and know that for the next 5-6 hours, while we did some power sleeping, that he was under excellent care.  The first time we had to let him go was when we handed our sleeping baby over to anesthesia.  

And now, tonight, only two weeks after his surgery his asleep in his own crib and the steri-strips are slowly starting to curl and fall off.  We're starting to slowly stop worrying as excessively as we had been (is he breathing?  is his chest moving?--those are my nighttime activities and worries).   He is off all of his pain medication (except for some ibuprofen) and is on lasix and aldactone to help manage the fluid in his body.  Right now his major source of discomfort appears to be one of his top teeth that is trying to break through.  

Happy belated Father's Day to an incredible father.

Friday he goes back to our wonderful local cardiologist.  Back to where it all started at about 24 weeks in utero.  I have the utmost and total respect for our cardiologist- Dr. Khan.  He told us then that he believed that Joey had an ASD and that it was probably the kind that would need surgery.  But he didn't just say it like that.  He said that he hoped that he was wrong and when he said it I knew he meant it.  Then when he had to confirm after Joey's birth that he would indeed need open heart surgery he was so gentle and kind to us.  He took his time with us at every single appointment and when things got hairy on a few occasions he was easy to access and gave me his cell phone number.  It's doctors like him and Joey's pediatrician and his staff that are game changers.  They provide not only care, but also comfort and compassion.  

Joey seems to be saying, "Hey- what are you doing?"

Checking out brother Joey's boo-boo.  

I cannot begin to describe what it feels like to be home and to know that this is behind us. Hanging out and enjoying the hot summer sun with our boys.  Catching up with friends and showing off Joey's battle scar.  
Look at these gorgeous blondes!!!  Tommy was napping-- he really missed out!

God is good.


  1. So happy to see he's doing well!

  2. I love all of these photos and your commentary! It's ok Jen, you don't have to take Wednesdays off... That's just not your style. (conforming to rules) ;)
    you're the best!

  3. Thanks for posting your blog. It is like finding money in the dryer when you put up a new entry. Your family is beautiful and so is your writing!


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