Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Chronicles of Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry has been having his own adventures back in Akron with LoLo.  Thanks to her awesome cell phone pictures and pictures from playdates-- we can take a peek into what exactly is Thomas Henry up to while Mom, Dad and Joey are away "getting Big Joe's boo boo fixed".  

Lauren has been doing a beautiful job with him while we are away from home and for that, we are are so thankful to her, to Kelly, to Shannon, to Maureen and to any other visitors as well as to all the kind friends who brought toys, books, bubbles and more to distract this dear boy (thank you Stacey, Betsy, Tricia, Dana and everyone else!!!!). 

While we are up in Michigan, my baby brother, Eric David, has been running errands for us-- picking up extra coffee.  Finding a new baby bottle scrub brush at Krogers, delivering meals-- basically being with us and supporting whatever we need.  Thank you so, so much E-Man!

We've also had both sets of grandparents and they have all been a Godsend.  

In the meantime...a glance into the world of Thomas Henry...

Hitting the train table with Charlie at Barnes & Noble.

Tommy and Grant with a fit of the giggles.

Tommy and Hershey--aka-- Trouble 1 and Trouble 2

This picture made me laugh so hard I almost cried.  Pure ice cream enjoyment with Addie.

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  1. Jen,

    It looks like sweet Tommy is in good hands :-) That last picture is h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s! I see that Tommy is wearing his Superman shirt too.

    The book arrived in the mail today. Thank you! I love that it is a day-by-day book. Perfect for a busy mama.


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