Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tears . . . of Joy

April hit Super Joe hard.  He started out with pink eye.  Then he had to undergo general anesthesia for the Auditory Brain Stem Response.  Then he got croup.  Then an ear infection.  Then an upper respiratory infection.  The list seemed to go on and on.  

It seems he has a different plan for May.  A few months ago he finally started going from sitting to down on his tummy all by himself.  That was a HUGE milestone for him.  One of our next goals has been for him to go from being on the floor on his back or tummy to a sitting position. We knew it would happen at some point. We just didn't know when. I knew deep in my heart that one morning we would walk into his crib and he would be sitting up all by himself. 

Today was the day.  At 20 months old, our little man can now sit up on his own and we could not be prouder of him.  I can't even begin to explain what these milestones mean.  All good things come in their own time.  That is the lesson Joey teaches us every day.

I don't know why, but Tommy, Tom and I all went in together this morning to get Joey up and so we all were able to witness this together.  It was awesome!  We wooped, clapped and cheered for Super Joe.  He is starting to look much better except for the shiner under his right eye, which was courtesy of his older brother accidentally dropping the IPad on Super Joe.

What? This?  No big deal.  Just sitting here being awesome.
It's been a heck of a weekend.  Maryanne and the amazing folks at the Akron Bar Association sold all 100 tickets for the jukebox giveaway and raised $2,000 for the Up Side of Downs 2012 Buddy Walk.  They said really kind things about Joey and we spent the night jamming to some phenomenal bands.  We are grateful, humble and in awe of the kindness of the community.  We are also in awe of our own little Super Joe who surprises us every day.

Also!  Before I forget!  For the April giveaway-- Kelly Hoyt was the winner of the Wrecking Ball CD.  Congratulations Kelly!  I'll get the CD to you this week.

Have you had any tears of joy lately?  I hope so.  They are the best kind.

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  1. Jen,
    I'm so proud of Joe, and I'm so happy you all got to share such a sweet moment as a family. I could just see you all dancing around the crib.
    Miss you!


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