Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Super Joe Loves Target's Marketing Department!

The summer seems to be settling in.  Eighty-five degrees today.  Too warm to cook dinner before 7pm.  Instead, we hang out on the front porch with about 12 water guns, 5 half-empty bottles of bubbles, a blanket for me and Joey and other miscellaneous items like sippy cups and iced tea.  Today we had a stack of mail to go through.  

The shiny Target summer mailer was quite catchy.

I went through it page by page trying to figure out if I should return our $20 swim vest and use the $3 coupon offered.  I pondered the variety of bubble making options.  Considered whether or not we need a Slip 'n Slide.   I dodged streams of water shot at me from Tommy's water guns.  Tried to entice Joey with the shiny pictures, but ended up pulling a giant piece of sidewalk chalk out of his mouth.

I finally reached the end of the May Target Mailer and this is the picture on the back cover:

The coolest part?  It's like no big deal.  Just a really cool picture on the back cover of a super adorable little blonde boy with awesome blue glasses.  Oh yeah, and he happens to have an extra chromosome like our own Super Joe does.  His name is Reid and he is such a handsome little man.

Target hits a home run again.  The picture of inclusion.  Kids being kids with other kids.  Be still my beating heart.  This is what we dream of for Joey.  This is what his future teachers, friends and family will help make happen.  Thank you, Target, for helping illustrate inclusion in the everyday media and marketing.  

This is how we feel about Target:

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