Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Was Worried About - Part Two

Our precious boy.

I spent so much time worrying about the future and what would happen when I was pregnant with Joey.  I wanted to know what every day of the rest of our lives with a son who has Down syndrome would be like.  

I don't know why I worried so much.  Are there some challenges with his health?  Yes.  Are there some challenges with outdated information and trying to help spread awareness about Down syndrome? Yes.  Do I still have other worries.  Absolutely.   Would I change a single thing about Joey?  Never.

Lunch on our balcony.

As we begin the big countdown to Joey's open heart surgery at the University of Michigan on June 8th, I am so grateful for this amazing trip and the time we spent together as a family.  The next few weeks and months are probably going to be a little bit stressful and tiring, but having these memories will help ease some of the worry.

No fear.

Lawton Stables was the perfect place to go on an overcast day.

Not a lot that I can add here.

Joey- you have a visitor and I think he's hungry.

Checking for a little stroller snack.

Tommy made sure Joey was safe.

I want to ride one....

So we rang the bell...

And Tommy chose Romeo for his horse ride.

We are big into helmets.

The look of pure joy.

Who is this big boy of mine?  Not a baby anymore.


  1. Great pictures! Tommy looks so regal riding the horse. What a great experience :-) I love where Joey is surrounding by the deer.

    I need to stay more on top of reading your blog--I just wrote a follow up to post from last month--there is a lot of "what was I so worried about?" in there. I am starting to think that worrying will always be a part of my life and I hope that we will find ourselves constantly saying "what was I so worried about?"


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