Monday, May 23, 2011

Rock and Roll

We've got a roller on our hands.... and I could not be a happier or prouder parent.  My face beams when I hear Joey announcing that he is awake and I go in his room to find...

One little lovebug with a foot stuck hanging out of the crib.

He wasn't crying.  He was just babbling and hanging out with all of his "lovies".  

He has started this rolling and he now goes from front to back and even back to front.  Joey will be 8 months old this week on the 27th and we are so proud of him.  

It was a big weekend for everyone.  We had a special visitor on Saturday-- Miss Lindsay-- my friend from childhood in Kettering, Ohio.  Lindsay and I met in 7th or 8th grade and then her family moved away to Chagrin Falls when we were about to go into high school.  We lost touch over the years and then when I was moving into Morris Hall, freshman year at Miami of Ohio, who lived only 4 doors down from me?  Yep-- Lindsay!!!

We even joined the same sorority (Tri-Delta) and had a heck of a first year of college, but Lindsay transferred to Tennessee after freshman year and this time we managed to see each when I was in  law school at OSU.  After that, I moved away to Washington, D.C. to be in the Navy and we lost touch again.  This time, we reunited (again!!!) when I moved back to Ohio and Lindsay had also moved to Chagrin Falls.  Like many of my dear friends who live out of town (some a little bit farther away), every time we see each other it is as if no time has passed at all.

This time, Lindsay got to meet baby Joey for the first time!   We spent Saturday afternoon laughing, talking, crying and catching up.  She left her own two cutie pies (Jack and Luke) to spend the day with us and we so appreciate it--what a wonderful way to spend a beautiful spring afternoon.

Trying out the bouncer for the first time.

I think I like it, Mom!

Trying out our "Snuggin Go". This was suggested by our wonderful OT/PT (Miss Kelly and Miss Denise) to help Joey to sit up straight in his highchair, stroller and seats.

Food, please!

This was the scene Sunday afternoon while Tommy was napping.  Joey and I had 60 minutes (we started halfway through Tommy's nap) to get some major planting done.

My partner in crime got a little toasty, so we had to take a break in the A/C and remove the helmet for awhile.

After all the hard was time for dinner at the Halfway House.  And as the saying goes, "A body in motion stays in motion."  See Thomas Henry's feet flying above the air for proof.

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