Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Mommy- Why Are Joey's Hands and Feet Blue?

That was Thomas Henry's question tonight when we talked about Joey having surgery again tomorrow. I explained that Joey had to go into the hospital and that I was going to stay the night with him, but that Daddy would stay the night with Tommy. And that's when he said, "Mommy- why were Joey's hands and feet blue?" And I turned around. Then he said, "Mommy- why couldn't Joey breathe that day?"

I said, "Well, honey, Joey had pneumonia that day, but we didn't know it and he was very, very sick.  But then he went to the hospital for awhile and he got much better. This next surgery is going to try and help him not get so sick anymore."

"Mommy, I'm going to stay the night in the hospital with you and Joey."

"Oh, honey. Only mommies or daddies are allowed to stay the night because the rooms are very small, but Joey and Mommy should be home by Friday. And-- you and Daddy get to stay up extra late while we are gone!"

He seemed skeptical and suggested that I take some DVD's for Joey to watch, "Great idea, Tommy. Let's make sure to pack some of Joey's favorite shows. Great idea!"

Oh- my heart swelled up for a moment. On one hand, Joey has no idea what is about to happen and on the other hand Tommy doesn't exactly know either, but he knows it's a trip back to the hospital. He's a good brother. Such a good brother. We are both going to miss Tommy tomorrow night.

Tomorrow morning, we take Joey in for him to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. He's had some breathing issues when he gets sick and he has had multiple episodes of croup and a brutal case of pneumonia this past spring that he is finally (knock on a MAJOR piece of wood) getting over. It seriously took him about 3-4 months to get over pneumonia. All kinds of secondary upper respiratory infections.  The eye surgery on June 21st didn't help much and just re-irritated his airways, but he seems (again- knock on wood) to have finally reached a calmer place.

His operation is scheduled for 12:15 pm at Akron Children's and then he and I will stay the night and hopefully go home on Friday. If you think about it- please say a little prayer that all goes well and that this procedure will help him to not be as sick this year. Every sickness and every hospitalization sets him back just a little bit more and they all add up. We have big hopes for Super Joe as he turns 3 this month!

He has come so far in the past year and as my husband says-- Joey always makes progress. Sometimes it can be slow, but he always makes progress. 

Here is the Buddy Walk video we made for him this year and it is a great testimony to all of his hard work and progress.

If you would like to walk with us on August 17th-- you can register the day of the walk.  Here is more information on the walk. 


  1. The T&A has made a huge difference in my daughter's health. She hasn't had any croup since having it, and a cold just ends up being a cold. Goodyck with the surgery. I hope recovery is smooth for you.

  2. Prayers for a speedy, uneventful recovery!!!!

  3. Gives me chills girl. Prayers and thoughts are with you and the
    family.....Both my kids had theirs out and it went great!
    Modern medicine is amazing XO


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