Sunday, May 12, 2013

Moms Always Know - Happy Mother's Day!

Photo: Beautiful photos by Nat Hansumrittisak!!!!

I tried to tell anyone who would listen, "So, Joey's chest x-ray showed that his pneumonia was resolving, but isn't gone." 

"It's fine."

"As long as he isn't on antibiotics anymore."

"Anesthesia will talk to you on Friday."

I made phone calls. I told nurses, receptionists, doctors and surgeons. 

We've been down the anesthesia interview road before. Five times before. I tend to know how it goes.

"Has he been sick recently?"

"Any hospitalizations?"

"On any medications?"

I had a feeling that having pneumonia and being hospitalized just two weeks before this 3rd eye surgery was not going to fly with anesthesia, and it didn't.

Thursday afternoon I called in to find out our surgery time for Friday morning.

They said to arrive at outpatient surgery by 6:30 am.

"Did you get the results of the chest x-ray?" I asked. 

"Yes! Everything looks fine," the surgery scheduler said.

"Oh, okay. Well, I guess we will be there tomorrow."

Photo: Super Joe is schedule for his 3rd eye surgery this coming Friday. We are going to get through this next one and then this family is going to the beach for a much needed vacation!!!!!!!!!!

One hour later the phone rang again.


"Hi, Mrs. Towell.  It's Andrea from surgery again. Um, they have decided to cancel the surgery."

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.

The conversation went on and I found out that the next available date for surgery is June 21st and I also found out that our surgeon is leaving for the international program and that will be his last day of doing surgeries. Double whammy.

I then went on to find out we would have to re-do all the pre-op appointments we have spent the past two weeks checking off all over again in June. Another chest x-ray, another 4 hour afternoon spent driving to the Clinic and getting his eyes re-measured, another visit to the pediatrician's office, another cardio clearance. We have to do it all again. And round and round the we go on the carousel.

It is for the best. I know that. Tom knows that. We are thankful that the surgery scheduler also figured this out before we all arrived by 6:30 am on Friday morning. 

As most of us have known for a long, long time, moms always know.

My mom, sister and I.

As I have learned in the past 4 1/2 years, being a mom is the most fulfilling, most satisfying role I could have ever dreamed of having. I am so grateful that these two beautiful boys are ours and that they call me, mom.

My beautiful Grandma Betty.

Hope you are enjoying your mother's day as a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, son, brother, child--- after all--- we all have a mom and we don't always have them for as long as we hope to. Hope you are each making the time you do have with your mom count.

We love you, Mom!

Photo: Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!! All the Christmas and Easter outfits, the home made Halloween costumes and your incredible devotion to being our mom. Thank you and love you!!!
My mom and I circa 1976 is my awesome Holly Hobby outfit.

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  1. Your courage,strength, faith, and love are so wonderful to witness. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. You go girl!


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