Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Just Like You - Getting Ready for World Down Syndrome Day

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day 2013!!!

I have published this video once before, but I want to share it again because it is just so incredible! It was made with the Down Syndrome Guild of Greater Kansas City and features three teens with Down syndrome and their friends openly discussing both facts and myths about Down syndrome.

What I like most about it is hearing the kids with Down syndrome explain in their own words how the r-word affects them, what their friends mean to them and their individual experiences in school.

"Just Like You"

To get ready for the big day we packaged smiley faced cookies, letters about Down syndrome and 21 M&M's in honor of Trisomy 21 to share with all of Joey and Tommy's classmates at school and for our therapists, teachers and friends. We are usually a Scarlett and Grey (Ohio State) or Big Red (University of Nebraska) family, but on World Down Syndrome Day we turn to the official colors of yellow and blue to celebrate Down syndrome awareness.

It's nothing big, but just a little way to help spread awareness and to also thank the people who support Joey all year long. We hope you have a wonderful week as well!!!

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  1. I just stumbled across this while researching for a short story. Thank you a million times over for sharing the 'Just Like You' video. I want to hug all 6 kids in it. And your cookies look fabulous!


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