Thursday, March 1, 2012


Will my baby have friends?  Doesn't every parent worry about that?  I think with any child you worry as a parent whether or not they will have friends.  That they will have a community and a network of people they support and are supported by.  That they will somehow find their niche and "fit in" both at school and in the world at large.

Fortunately for our family, we met the amazing people at The Up Side of Downs before Joey was born.  What they have provided our family with since that first meaning has meant more than we could ever know.  They gave us prenatal information and support.  When I was pregnant with Joey and just wanted to know that other families had walked this road and made it, they were there for me.  Their new parent coordinator met me in person.  Emailed me.  Called me.  They were a life line.    

I see trouble brewing...
Since Joey's birth, we have met numbers of amazing families through the Up Side of Downs.  From the Buddy Walk (July 28, 2012 this year!) Committee to monthly moms' night outs, we have made friends for ourselves and most importantly a network of resources and friends for Joey. 

"Hi, friend!"
We attended our first Up Side of Downs playgroup last week and Joey and his new BFF, Beckett finally met.  We've known Beckett's wonderful parents, Shon and Brittany for almost a year now and it was only last week that we were finally able to get our precious boys together.  And that is when my heart melted and again I found comfort and reassurance in that it would all be good. Joey will have friends (he already does!) and he will find his place in the world.  My job is to just try and provide as many opportunities as possible.  

"Brothers don't shake, brothers gotta hug!"  Tommy Boy

This organization has been a source of information, education and advocacy.  They serve the greater area of Northeast Ohio and we feel so blessed to have this extended group of family and friends.  From Beckett to the super duo (you may know them from the Summit County billboards or their feature article in the Akron Beacon Journal) twins, Casey and Conner, we have made some amazing friends and we have found incredible support in this journey.  For that, we are eternally grateful.  

Which friends are you grateful for?

Whoa, Joey!  Not cool to pull your BFF's hair!

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  1. I was given this post by Jennifer Muson. I have a 4yr old DS daughter that went to Calico for 2+ years. When do you hold the playgroups at Calico??? I would love to meet everyone

    1. Hi!!! The play groups are organized by The Up Side of Downs. Please have Jennifer give you my email address and I can forward you the info. You can also visit They also have a mom's night the first Thursday of the month. Please come!!!

  2. I just saw this post, Jen! C&C are blessed to have such a great buddy in Joey! We love your family!


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